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Academic Activities

Brilliant CBSE School are enriched with life skills during their schooling years. The term “life skills” refers to the skills you need to make the most out of life, any skill that is useful in your life can be considered as a life skill. The school offers a plethora of opportunities through various clubs and provides a platform for the overall development of the students. The students are encouraged to choose the Academic Activities according to their interes


Independence Day

 Like every year, this year too the students celebrated Independence Day with great Pomp & show this is an attempt by the school to imbue the feeling of patriotism. The Flag is hoisted by the Top-Ranked Girl Student of the S.S.C. Board Examination every year.



By preserving the culture and by connecting the golden bank of cultural programmes in this modern world, We celebrate Gokulashtami. Childern Decorate Dahi Handi's and dress as 'Ratha Krishna'. Parents do attend the Program and have an enjoyable Day.


Fancy Dress Competition

Every Year, the school organizes fancy dress Competitation for the chipmunks of our school, in view of giving the scope to inherent qualities to students. students wear attractive dresses, express their views upon Current affairs and for the upliftment of social status, they win the hearts of all.


Grand Parent Day

The mega Event is organised for creating the good feelings and respect for our grand parents. children perform Aukshan/workship their Grandparents by taking their blessings & played various games with them.


Fruitful Day

Every year We organise fruit Day. in view of providing information of various fruits,colour, fragrance, taste and uses. The Knowledge of every fruit is must.

A pineapple a day keeps the worries away".


E- Learning / K-Yan Education

The Academic Course is being taught to the students through E- Learning even beyond it. The School gives knowledge to all students by easy and simple manner of adopting the modern technology through visualization, audio-clip & pictures. They reflect a growth percentage in students.


Doctor's Day

To bring in awareness about health and hygiene amongst our students, Doctor's Week was celebrated in the first week of July and had a Dental Check up.


Annual Day

Brilliant Kids School Celbrates every year Annual Gathering giving the scope to extra curricular activities of primary & higher class students. The function is presided by reputed political men and chief quest attends the programme. Themes of all religion, save girl, environment and all is presented though various dances. As the nature of event of gathering is large so we organised the event in a specific place like "Vbhagiya Kida Sankul". Prents love the programme and shower blessings to the childern and school.


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