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The inspiration for Brilliant Kids English School came in 2004. Sunil Magar and Reena Magar have established the school and are the chairman of the school.The school has continued to expand and has students from Playgroup and grade I to X. There began to be a steady flow of students but eventually now Numbers have swelled and confidence quickly grew in the school. At the same time an environmental area was being developed which has evolved over a number of years.School is specialised with best aspects in maintaining physical education, yoga, karate,scout- guide training course, music and a lot more. School arranges Annual Functions for students and parents with enormous things.

As in a digital world, school also provides e- learning for all subjects and also has proper laboratories, library and study rooms.In response to COVID- 19 pandemic School is offering blended learning with on - site and virtual learning options for students and also conducts parents meeting after every alternate month.

Throughout our history, the school has remained committed to create and environment in which students are known, supported, challenged and encouraged to grow. Moreover, We’ve also achieved 100% results our grade X students. We hope the school’s dynamic educational environment continues to evolve.


Gut No.139/40 Gangapur Jahagir Near Shendra Ban
Behind Shendra MIDC, Aurangabad

Email : info@school.com

Mobile : 9595989910


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